Why Appoint Maryanne Birch Real Estate to Manage your Property?

Most importantly, because we understand just how important your valuable investment property is to you. That you want your property well cared for and maintained, while at the same time you want to ensure your investment return is being continuously reviewed and optimised … and simply because you need to know you can relax with confidence knowing this is being consistently achieved by experienced professional people committed to excellence in all facets of Property Management.

Our policies and procedures, our professional ethics and integrity, and our genuine desire to fulfill our client’s individual requirements are second to none … We are extremely proud of this claim.

We don’t rely on glossy promises and ‘cut-price’ fees offered by some ‘commission based’ Business Development consultants to win new business. The high number of clients who are referred to our office, due to our superior procedures and service is testament to the high quality of our Property Management service.

And finally, but definitely a very important point to consider carefully … As you are likely to experience elsewhere, I won’t be passing you off to someone else you haven’t even met, to manage your valuable investment .. I will be your personal committed, experienced and well trained Property Manager, and everyone else you come into contact within our Property Management department is similarly well trained to meet your needs.

Dedication and Commitment to Service

To ensure our high standard of service is not ever compromised, we are well staffed to provide maximum coverage for the properties we manage. Our Property Managers have personal assistants, a dedicated Leasing officer, and a Rental Department Manager with decades of experience, who oversees the delivery and quality of our Property Management services. You will always have a committed staff member readily available to respond, and assist you as a valued client of Maryanne Birch Real Estate.


Current Owner Testimonial

“ I have been with Maryanne Birch Real Estate for over 7 years. I have always found both Maryanne and her team to be professional and reliable, whilst at the same time being extremely approachable. By my calculations my properties have been available for over 2500 rental weeks whilst being under Maryanne’s management. In that time I can only recall four weeks when I have had a vacant property, twice for one week, once for two weeks; time which I used for a quick coat of paint. The team is extremely thorough in getting prospective tenants and I have such confidence in their choices that I do not have tenant insurance (something which they do recommend). Before each lease is due for renewal I receive a rental appraisal stating whether the rent on a particular property should stay the same or be increased. Judging by my rental occupancy rate I feel that they have the mix just right. I used to check what was in other real estate windows to ensure that my properties were on offer at market rates, but stopped when I realised I was wasting my time….they are always right on the money!


I receive regular inspection reports (yes…they really do them) and I have given the team permission to rectify most problems without consulting me. They have come to know me (and my spending tolerances) so well that they know exactly what issues to contact me over. Maryanne has a team of tradesmen that she uses for repairs & I think that they are not only good at what they do, but also very well priced. Once I got a quote on a repair and Maryanne’s tradesmen came in cheaper.


I cannot recommend them enough, both for those who need guidance as they enter the investment property market through to those who have an extensive portfolio and want it to be hassle free. Thanks for your unbeatable service”.


Regards B Geeves