“Maryanne Birch has been our real estate agent since we left Australia in 1999 — and we can’t speak highly enough of her. We chose Maryanne as our agent as we had previously been tenants in a property for which she acted as rental agent, and we admired the way she treated tenants with friendly respect while ensuring the landlord’s best interests were met.

Maryanne has been the ideal agent for us as absentee landlords and later as Brisbane residents. She has secured excellent tenants, ensured our property is well-maintained and repairs are carried out efficiently and economically, and provided regular updates and financial reports. We have always felt comfortable in bestowing full authority on Maryanne and her team and they have always come up trumps. The excellent fence at the front of the property is testament to how well things can go.

We would not hesitate in using Maryanne and her excellent team at anytime in the future.”



“Many thanks to all you girls down there at Maryanne Birch Real Estate! We had a couple of teething issues here last week when we moved in, all electrical issues, and would like to express our thankfulness to you, for really promptly, and easily fixing these items;

1. The upright oven was not turning off at all, and there was no temperature control for the oven. The oven was full temperature or not at all, and would not turn off at all. So we had to pull out the fuse.

2. Only one light was working in the whole premises, in the kitchen. So, we had no lights anywhere.

3. The only power point in the lounge and living area was buggered. So we had to run an electrical cord from the back¬†sunroom into the living/dining area to run the fridge. But, all things were fixed really quickly, and real easily. So, many thanks to the Electrical Tradesmen who fixed these problems, and many thanks to our Property Manager and the team down there at Maryanne Birch Real Estate for helping so readily! Thanks, Girls!”



“I have had the pleasure of¬†dealing with Belinda and the team at Maryanne Birch in¬†representing me with my property.¬† Over the last few years I have received knowledgeable and¬†prompt service and advice.¬† Nothing is ever too much and all I’ve had to do is make a quick call¬†or email to get anything resolved.¬†¬†Belinda and her team¬†offer proactive representation, taking care in selecting tenants that will suit¬†the property and ensuring the property is maintained as required.¬† I have always received copies of the detailed inspections of the property conducted on a periodic basis and¬†it is great to know where improvements may be needed.

Having Belinda and her team manage my property means that owning it is stress free, leaving me with¬†countless hours of¬†stress free time.¬† I would recommend Belinda and the team to anyone at anytime without hesitation.”



“I started out by enlisting the services of another property manager, who after 4 weeks had not rented out my property.¬† A friend of mine who had just rented a property through Maryanne Birch, who had nothing but praise for them, gave me their details.¬† I contacted her and within three weeks I had tenants in my house.¬†¬† The tenants have proved to be good tenants who look after my property and also pay their rent on time.¬† I have had no hesitations in recommending Maryanne Birch to my friends who want to rent their properties out.”



“Maryanne Birch Real Estate (‚ÄúMBRE‚ÄĚ) has been our property manager since 2005. We currently own five rental properties all of which are managed by MBRE.

Over the years we have been impressed by:

1. MBRE’s astute judgement when it comes to assessing tenant applications

2. Their diligence and initiative when representing our interests

3. The consistently high level of service and seamless handovers during changes in personnel

4. The high quality of communication

We strongly recommend their services to anyone looking to engage a property manager.

Yours sincerely”



“Over the many years your office has managed my rental property in Norman Park I have found the team to be attentive, contactable and overall easy to work with. ¬†This also extends to your sales staff who are always very helpful. Thank you for managing my property with due professionalism.

Kind Regards,”



“Maryanne, I am writing to commend our Property Manager on keeping in touch during the flood crisis and the busy times associated with it. I had some maintenance issues fixed at the start of last week and being in Sydney I emailed her to check they had been done when I heard of Brisbane being under threat. Despite your office being evacuated I received a prompt reply from the Property Manager and she also advised me that she had contacted the tenants to advise them to remove belongings from the lower levels in both my properties.

Thanks again to you and your team.”



“I would like to thank Maryanne Birch Real Estate and her team for their fantastic service they have provided myself with over the past few years. All staff from both the property management and sales teams have been extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable in their expertise and have always provided excellent advice and feedback. I would highly recommend their property management team to any investor who wants their investment property to be managed to its full potential and I would certainly recommend their professional sales staff to anyone who wants a genuine and motivated agent to represent them and sell their property.”



“I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone in the office for all the help you‚Äôve given us with our house search, out of all of the agents we used, I honestly have to say you guys stood out, friendly, professional and great service.¬† We‚Äôll be sure to recommend you in the future for sales or rentals.”



Current Owner Testimonial

“ I have been with Maryanne Birch Real Estate for over 7 years.  I have always found both Maryanne and her team to be professional and reliable, whilst at the same time being extremely approachable. 

By my calculations my properties have been available for over 2500 rental weeks whilst being under Maryanne’s management.  In that time I can only recall four weeks when I have had a vacant property, twice for one week, once for two weeks; time which I used for a quick coat of paint.

The team is extremely thorough in vetting prospective tenants and I have such confidence in their choices that I do not have tenant insurance (something which they do recommend).¬† Before each lease is due for renewal I receive a rental appraisal stating whether the rent on a particular property should stay the same or be increased. Judging by my rental occupancy rate I feel that they have the mix just right. I used to check what was in other real estate windows to ensure that my properties were on offer at market rates, but stopped when I realised I was wasting my time….they are always right on the money!

I receive regular inspection reports (yes…they really do them) and I have given the team permission to rectify most problems without consulting me. They have come to know me (and my spending tolerances) so well that they know exactly what issues to contact me over.¬† Maryanne has a team of tradesmen that she uses for repairs & I think that they are not only good at what they do, but also very well priced. Once I got a quote on a repair and Maryanne‚Äôs tradesmen came in cheaper.

I cannot recommend them enough, both for those who need guidance as they enter the investment property market through to those who have an extensive portfolio and want it to be hassle free. Thanks for your unbeatable service”

Regards B GEEVES