1. Our team sells more property than any other Real Estate business in Geelong.
  2. Our team conducts more Auctions than any other Real Estate business in Geelong.
  3. Our team conducts more open for inspections than any other Real Estate business in Geelong.
  4. Our team sees more purchasers week in week out than any other Real Estate business in Geelong.
  5. We have a market share of 35% in 3216,¬†this potentially means we’re selling 35 out of every 100 homes!
  6. We have a data base of more than 1,000 potential buyers.
  7. We have premium listings on the internet giving your property the best exposure.
  8. A number of our sales consultants have¬†won industry¬†“State Awards”¬†¬†acknowledgement as the best in the field.
  9. Our office was the Number 1 Sales Office in 2010 for Victoria’s Largest Franchise Network.
  10. All of our sales staff are local people, our kids go to school’s in the area, we shop at the same shops as you do.
  11. Our office is local, meaning people looking in an area will come to their local office.
  12. We have two mandatory staff training sessions per week.
  13. Our marketing is young, fun, eye catching¬†and aggressive….
  14. The office is results driven – meaning our agenda is always to get the home sold at the “highest possible price”
  15.  We work 7 days a week.
  16. All agents have been hand picked. No rookies, no trainees selling your property, only Geelong’s best agents
  17. We know how to close a deal and we know how to handle “multiple offers”
  18. You will always be kept up to date with the sale of your property, written and verbal reports.
  19. We will always call purchasers back after an “open for inspection”
  20. The service we offer isn’t chocolates or flowers, our service will always be about creating a strategy to achieve¬†¬†¬†¬† “The Highest possible sale price” in the shortest amount of time, that’s our service !